The history
of our patisserie


  1. 1882Ugetti Bakery is established in Susa by Giuseppe Ugetti.
  2. 1921Luigi, the younger son of Giuseppe, turns the family bakery into a patisserie.
  3. 1954Following the family tradition, Teresio and his wife Luciana open Patisserie Ugetti in Bardonecchia, 82 Via Medail, where they start producing fresh pastry and biscuits. This is the moment when the so-called “Krapfens” become people’s most popular choice for their midday snack.
  4. 1984Teresio Ugetti’s son, Franco Ugetti, widens the patisseries product range, adding pralines, chocolates and fruit jellies.
  5. 1995Franco and his wife Marina move the patisserie to its current location at 80 Via Medail. They start producing their own ice cream, becoming a reference point for all ice cream lovers.
  6. 2004Pasticceria Ugetti joins the “Maestri del gusto” (Flavour Masters) committee as an acknowledgement for the quality of its products.
  7. 2005Franco travels to Ecuador, in the Manabí region, in order to personally experience the joys and tribulations of an Ecuadorian family working in a cacao plantation.
  8. 2012In order to become more and more independent in all the stages of production, a new ball mill is bought to craft pure pastes, spreadable creams and the typical “Gianduiotti”.
  9. 2014To celebrate the patisserie’s 60th anniversary, Pasticceria Ugetti renews its image.
  10. 2016Franco travels to Madagascar to examine, from a more technical point of view, all the steps of cacao seeds growing and processing. He focuses on the production dynamics as well, confirming the reliability of Valrhona, the company that produces the chocolate we use in all of our products.
  11. 2017Pasticceria Ugetti establishes its presence on the internet and launches its new website. And there’s still plenty more to come…