The stage of creativity
The flavour process

Creativity is a fundamental aspect of Pasticceria Ugetti. As we have already said, we consider our love for the art of confectionery as the basis of our work.
Our love for this art needs new blood, which is represented by creativity. Creativity gives us the courage to put ourselves out there and take up the challenges of modernity. Creativity is our lifeblood and we consider it one of the best and most peaceful ways of having fun.

The shape of time

“Chocolate on canvas” artworks by Franco Ugetti.

The idea of creating a “chocolate on canvas” exhibition on the theme of Slow Time, aimed to generate a reflection on the need to dedicate the right time for tasting. The exhibition is an overview of the concept of Slow Time, from the point of view of both food and thought.

Slow philosophy, which has been adopted as a guideline by the municipality of Bardonecchia, was one of the key concepts of this project.

During the exhibition we have proposed an interactive tasting experience that included readings of the poems of Ferdinando de Blasio, emphasising the strong experiential component of the event.