We use only wholesome and carefully selected ingredients, to offer you the best ice creams.

Ice cream
Ugetti products

Our journey into the world of ice cream making has taken its first steps during the summer of 1996.

Our patisserie ice cream is characterized by a constant search for quality and improvement. Therefore we try to offer our customers new and different recipes and preparations. All our ice creams are produced with fresh ingredients selected with care, with an eye to the raw materials our territory offers.

For both our ice creams and our sorbets, we use only natural products as stabilizers, such as carob seed flour, guar gum, and tara gum.

Discover the flavours of our artisanal ice cream

Egg ice cream

The egg ice cream is prepared by mixing fresh milk, cream, egg yolks, sugar, stabilizer, plus the specific ingredients that define the taste of each flavour (e.g. amaretto, hazelnut praline, vanilla berries, genepy…).

It is precisely these noble and quality ingredients that express authentic and balanced flavours.

The flavours

  • VANILLA:  with Bourbon vanilla berries from Madagascar.
  • COFFEE: with a 100% Arabica blend.
  • AMARETTO: with homemade almond paste and amaretto, according to an ancient family recipe.
  • BRUTEBUN: with hazelnut praline and “Brut e bun” (literally “ugly but tasty”), one of the most typical biscuits from Piedmontese tradition.
  • GENEPY AND PEARS: made using a small amount of Genepy, the liquor obtained by macerating the flowers of the homonymous plant (Artemisia Mutellina) one of the hallmarks of our valley.
  • UGETTI CREAM: created from an idea by Franco.

Fruit sorbets

Our sorbets are high in fruit (over 45%), except for lemon (25%).

Based on water, without cream or milk, with sugar and fresh fruit pulp (whether in juice or puree), our sorbets have a light and refreshing texture, which brings out the intense flavour of the selected fruit.

We chose to emphasize our relationship with the mountains by using herbs from our valleys to create some of the flavours.

The flavours

  • APRICOT, SALT AND VANILLA: with Himalayan salt and Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar.
  • RASPBERRY AND ANISE: with star anise (Illicium Verum), a spice used in the traditional dishes of our valleys since ancient times.
  • PEACH AND THYME: with “timo serpillo” (Thymus Serpyllum), a plant that grows spontaneously on our mountains.

Milk ice cream

Made with fresh milk, cream, sugar, and stabilizers, the milk ice cream has a soft and creamy texture.

All the ingredients based on dried fruit are made in our patisserie (pure hazelnut paste, pure pistachio paste and pure almond paste).
Speaking of dried fruit: the PGI “Round and Gentle” variety hazelnuts , the Bronte pistachios and the first-choice almonds of Bari are selected for their aromatic richness. After being roasted in our ovens, they pass through the ball mill, where they are transformed into pure paste. Being able to oversee and manage the full production process is a key factor for assuring the freshness and quality of the flavours.

The flavours

  • FIOR DI LATTE: with milk and cream.
  • STRACCIATELLA: with “Fior di Latte” and chocolate chips “Grand Cru 62%” from Brazil.
  • AMARENA SOUR CHERRY: with semi-candied sour cherries.
  • “ROUND AND GENTLE” PGI HAZELNUT FROM LANGHE: with pure paste produced by us, starting from raw Piedmontese PGI hazelnuts.
  • BRONTE PISTACHIO: with pure pistachio paste produced by us, starting from raw Bronte pistachios.
  • YOGURT: with whole milk yogurt.
  • HONEY: with millefiori honey from the Bardonecchia area.


All the chocolates we selected for our products come from the French company Valrhona, a high-quality chocolate brand.

Each type of chocolate has its own unique features and our main goal is to enhance each of these characteristics, in order to offer our customers an unforgettable experience in the world of ice creams and chocolate sorbets.


  • 80% DARK CHOCOLATE: A blend of intense “Grand Cru” chocolates, with a fine and creamy texture.
  • GIANDUIOTTO: typical Piedmontese flavour, based on Valrhona cocoa and PGI hazelnuts of the Langhe.
  • WHITE ALMOND CHOCOLATE: 35% white chocolate with almond paste.
  • 62% DARK CHOCOLATE: pure chocolate taste directly from Brazil.
  • ORELYS 35% BLOND CHOCOLATE: blond chocolate flavoured with Muscovado sugar and a strong hint of liquorice.