Franco Ugetti
passionate pastry chef

“The secret to love your job, which requires constant commitment and dedication, is being curious while constant search and charming encounters will motivate you along the way. Here’s my story.”

Franco Ugetti

I’m the most recent addition to my family’s long tradition. Since I was a child I’ve always been surrounded by the scents, the sounds and the aromas of our traditional bakery. My father was my first mentor in the art of pastry.

After obtaining my degree, I started working in the family business, where for the first time I have experienced the complexities of this profession. The process of deepening and broadening my knowledge in this sector started in 1985 and today is still on going.

My journey began at the “Arte Dolce” pastry school in Rimini, where I had the pleasure of meeting and working with the pastry chefs Iginio Massari, Luigi Biasetto, Mario Morri e Rolando Morandin, to name a few.

The encounter with the man who has been defined as the Picasso of pastry, Pierre Hermè widened my perspectives, my horizon and thus increased my thirst for knowledge and expertise.

My fondness for chocolate was fully put into practice during my experience at Valrhona’s ‘”Ecolé du Grand Chocolat” di Valrhona. Here I had the opportunity to meet the charismatic pastry chef Frédéric Bau, whom I consider to be one of the finest exponents of this art.

During my internship at the Valrhona school I attended several courses with many pastry chefs, such as Philippe Giure, Alain Chartier, David Capy and Yann Duytsche from France; the Italian chef Gianluca Fusto and the Spanish chef Carles Mampel.

In 1998 I was awarded with the “Eccellenza Artigiana (artisanal excellence)” prize by Piedmont Regional Council.

In 2004 I became a member of the “Flavour Masters” consortium, which is supported by the Turin Chamber of Commerce.

I took part several times in the Salone del Gusto, Turin international food exhibition and in many other events. I’m still working together with some vocational schools of the area.

“ My approach to pastry making is the result of the experience gained through the years, always hovering between tradition and modernity.
Our pastry shop, Pasticceria Ugetti, is the consequence of the continuous and joint work that was started by someone else many decades ago.
Our family and all of the staff members brought their own contribution through the years. That’s my idea of success: I think of Pasticceria Ugetti as a large book and today’s work as a page of it, where I hope to leave my signature one day.”

Franco Ugetti